Half-Day Immune Boosting


with Julia & Lorette

Join us this Summer for an outdoor yoga retreat with a strong focus on the immune system and how nutrition, rest and yoga can positively influence it. When it comes to our immune system, we tend to undervalue the power and importance of prevention. Why not start to take care of ourselves today and benefit from it tomorrow?

Julia and Lorette invite you to learn about your immune system from a movement therapy and dietary perspective. This one-day retreat focuses on informative lectures, relaxation and movement through yoga, walking and swimming.

We start the day off with an energizing and upbeat yoga practice followed by an immune boosting smoothie and an nutritious bite. Julia (Physical Therapist and Osteopath in Training) will then share the physiological benefit of movement and rest. After a healthy lunch there will be plenty of time for a walk, a swim or just relax at the private dock.

Lorette (Orthomoleculair Specialist Immunity) will then share her knowledge on aspects that suppress immunity and expand on nutritional immune boosters. The day will end with a relaxing Yin Yoga practice led by Julia.

This workshop will take place outdoors approx. 30 minute drive outside of Groningen. Bring your own yoga mat, props, bathing suit and towels.

75 euro per person
Max. 8 people.


A workshop given together with

Functional Nutrition Coach

Lorette Steenman


Pick your date

Sunday July 26, 2020
Time: 9am -6pm

Friday August 28, 2020




30 Min car ride outside of Groningen 





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