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Trainings & Courses in Physiotherapie: 


BSc. Physiotherapy

MSc. Osteopathy (in Training)


Dry Needling 

Medical Taping 

Myofascial Release


Trainings & Courses in Yoga:


Vinyasa Yoga

Yin Yoga 

Hatha Yoga 

Pregnancy Yoga

Mama-Baby Yoga 


My journey to where I am right now took many twists and turns and saying this I am not only refering to a physical location. Ever since I was young I was interested in the potentials of movements of the human body. As a former gymnast, the path to the physical Yoga in my early 20s, was an easy one to go. However, I soon discovered for myself that there is much more to Yoga than just the physical practice, it was the yoga’s philosophical concepts, the integration of body and mind that made me follow different Yoga Teacher Trainings in different countries. I studied mainly Vinyasa, but also Hatha, Iyengar, Yin and Envision, all different branches of Yoga. As someone who is not particularly comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, teaching Yoga did not seem to be the most reasonable choice. However, by coincidence I one day ended up giving a Yoga class and never stopped teaching since that moment. 

In the following years I kept a driving interest in the human body and signed up for the study of Physiotherapy. This was definitely a major turn on the the path I was walking back then. A turn, which I do not regret up to this very day. I specialized in Sportsphysiotherapy and I am currently doing my masters in Osteopathy, where finally all puzzle pieces come together. Osteopathy shows me once more that the body is a wonderful complex masterpiece where everything needs to be finetuned in order to work properly together. Osteopathy teaches me too the importance of a holistic approach to healing and recovery.


I am currently living and working in Groningen, Netherlands where I can combine my passion of yoga and physiotherapy and where I keep deepening my knowledge. 

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